Easy File and Folder Protector


Limit access to files and folders according to the time of day


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Easy File and Folder Protector is a program capable of restricting access to specific files and folders on the hard drive.

It is a basic tool for parents, who can make sure that they're children don't access games or other programs outside of the established schedule.

All you have to do is "protect" the folder where the program is located so that it can't be run.

You can also limit access to things such as Internet Explorer, so it will be impossible to access the Internet (unless of course you have another web browser).

The security measures taken by Easy File and Folder Protector include password protection of files and folders, as well as hiding files, which will not be visible from Windows Explorer nor from the search function.

Lastly, its most unique feature is the ability to limit access to a file according to the time of day. Thus, if you're not using the computer between 3 and 5 pm, you can tell the program to restrict access to a folder during that time.

30-day trial version.

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